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Gilbert Pulse Training Netball

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Gilbert Pulse Training Netball
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The Gilbert Pulse training ball is a purposely designed training ball for entry level delivering reliability, control and feel at a superb price. Ideal for schools or club training.Constructed from a blended rubber surface with cotton laminate construction and synthetic latex bladder pressure, flight, grip and durability are all optimised.Ball maintenance is an essential top prolong the life and performance of these high quality balls and in turn the quality of your game. Please clean the balls before use to remove any residue from the surface of the ball. Cleaning should be carried out using warm water, a light detergent and a soft cloth. Please do not sit on the ball as this causes them to go out of shape. The balls should be stored in an ambient environment and kept dry after they have been cleaned. Check the pressure of the balls regularly to ensure optimum performance. Slight variations of ball pressure can occur over time due to the natural materials used in the bladder and changes in the external climate.
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