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Gunn & Moore Epic Cricket Set

Product number: 2214631270
Gunn & Moore Epic Cricket Set
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This makes up part of the Young Gunn range, specially designed to give young cricketers the best start in their careers.This set is made up of an Epic bat, rubber ball and four stumps and bails, all in one durable carry bag.The main characteristics of the Epic range of bats are a super concaved profile with big edges and an elongated swell height. The bat also features perimeter weighting and a substantial toe.Made from brilliant value Kashmir willow with a natural finish. Bats of this nature, made from wood from the sub-continent, have differing characteristics to English willow. The wood has been pressed for a resilient surface but cracks and indentations will appear, this however will have no detrimental effect on the high performance of the bat.The ToeTek technology consists of a specially shaped resilient shield fitted to the toe of the bat. This reduces toe damage and feathering that is often caused by tapping at the crease and also provides a further barrier to damp.
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