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Waterrower M1 Lorise Home Rowing Machine

Product number: 2277437131
Waterrower M1 Lorise Home Rowing Machine
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Unlike any of its rivals on the market, WaterRower make signature wooden rowing machines from ethically sourced materials. The end result is a smooth and stylish machine that delivers an unrivalled all-body workout.Perfect for any level of athlete, from beginner to pro, this combines control, stamina and strength, burning fat and strengthening your cardiovascular system without detrimental impact or load on your joints.The work is spread uniformly over all the muscle groups in the body, offering greater smoothness and less fatigue than conventional resistance machines. The unique feature in these machines is the use of an enclosed water tank that generates the resistance and simulates the smooth, flowing nature of a boat on the water.The WaterFlywheel used in this machine is the surest way to replicate the physiological benefits and aesthetic pleasure of rowing. Resistance is self-regulating and infinitely variable. This machine is made from steel and is powder coated. This, the LoRise version, features standard height rails. Also available in a HiRise version.The S4 monitor measure stroke rate, intensity, duration and distance. You can also preset, save and alter workouts depending on all of these features. You can also link the S4 to your PC or Mac.Dimensions: 51 x 224 x 56.5cm (H x L x W)Features:*Crafted from premium materials selected from replenishable sources*Enclosed, sealed water tank engineered from durable polycarbonate *Unique flywheel silently stimulates the dynamics of a moving boat*Quick adjust footpads to cater for a variety of users*Ergonomic handle, foam coated for comfort and contoured to fit the natural grip of the hand*S4 monitor designed for easy and practical use; compatible with a range of enhanced software applications*Durable, padded seat and unique dual rail provides stability, comfort and smoothness*Soft rubber feet prevents slipping and damage to floorsBenefits:*Finish of material makes this extremely durable, resisting scratching and co
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