Put together your own personal exercise programs and design them to fit exactly to your exercise purpose. With more than 300 different exercises, our exercise bank provides you with lots of inspiration and ways to adapt your program to fulfil your individual needs.

You can easily add new exercises, edit previous programs and create workout sessions to keep record of your exercise results. Print out the exercise program and bring it with you to the fitness centre; the illustrations will help you remember the exercises and perform them correctly.


Exercise programs

Do you need a little help to get started? If so, you also have the possibility of choosing ready-made exercise programs in the section of standard programs. Here you can find anything from a beginners’ program and an abdomen/back program to split programs, ball programs, home exercises and much more.

If you love cycling in a team listening to loud music wit a good beat, you can also find lots of inspiration in the collection of Indoor cycling programs. The collection contains a vast amount of different program suggestions, intervals and training sessions in many different levels.


Are you short of inspiration when it comes to varying your meals and finding new and exciting foods? Search and find inspiration among more than 1000 different foods in the foods database that also provides you with an overview of the contents of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Create your own personal meal logs and be in better control of your diet!


Nutrition program

Make your own nutrition program and keep record of your calorie intake. The nutrition program allows you to plan and note what and how much you eat, computing on the spot the exact calorie content as well as protein, carbohydrate and fat contents of the individual meals.

Do you know how many calories your body actually needs every day? Are you fighting in vain against an overweight without getting anywhere? Using the energy calculator, you will learn how many calories precisely your body needs, and you can make up your nutrition program accordingly.

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