Workout programs

To profit most from your training, it is important to have the appropriate resources, both in your diet, your general knowledge about health and nutrition, and not least the right methods. The workout programs on allows you to streamline your training, so that it is both entertaining and effective.

You can find several workout programs, such as a well-being program , legs, buttocks and thighs , strengthen your back muscles , women and exercise , strong muscles , lose weight by exercising , in shape for the skiing holiday , after-birth fitness , full body program for both beginners and advanced , ball/core fitness for both beginners and advanced , back exercising and much more.

These workout programs are able to provide you with a competent and complete training, no matter what level you are at. They provide structure in the training and ensure that you get around all the exercises, while avoiding making the wrong moves, so the exercises become more effective and helps you to avoid injuries.

At the same time you can even compose your workout program, with isolated exercises if you wish. In addition to your workout, you can find here on the background of our articles , ask other users for advice in our forum, get help with your diet with our nutrition program and much more.

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