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Exercises to build a great torso

Do you want to have a nice and good-looking torso with defined pectorals and well shaped biceps? It is absolutely not impossible; you just need to exercise properly on a regular basis, eat healthy and chose the right exercise program, focusing on lifting weights. Remember to do exercises which works out all parts of the torso: chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps. Neglecting some of the parts will make your body look flat and asymmetrical.
Day 1
Flies  More
Wood chop  More
Wood chop
Oblique...  More
Oblique crunch
Forward...  More
Forward lunge 3
Step up 2  More
Step up 2
Knee be...  More
Knee bend 3
Knee be...  More
Knee bend 2
Forward...  More
Forward lunge 3
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