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Type: Fitness , 1 day program by: jstanyer 1/19/2009
Dumbells need to be 4-5kgs. Monday and Thu Mornings Exercise ball squats should be done with dumbells. Squats and Lunges will build leg muscle and strenght. After Squats and lunges, you must do 3 x 5 mins of skipping with a 1 min rest between sets. Evenings 4km Run or 45 mikns rowing on an indoor rower ( indoor rower, heartrate to be 135-140 beats per min ). Tue and Friday Morning Pushups 4 x 10 Toe,Elbow bridge 3 x 60 seconds. Dumbell Tricep extensions 5 x 15 Back Flys 3 x 12 Situps 3 x 30 Evenings Indoor Rowing 4 x 7 mins with 3 min rest between sets or 5 x 5 mins skipping. Maintain heart rate at 135-140 beats per min whilst rowing Wed and Sat- Rest days Sunday 3km Run with Squats and Lunges and exercise ball hip flexion 3 x 15 ( run to be done last ). All exercise sessions should be done with a warmup to prduce a light sweat before starting any exercise. On completion of Exercises, 5 min of gentle walk run followed by 10 min of streching to cool off. Further gentle streching should be done throughout the day if and stiffness is detected. Any food to be consumed 2 hrs min prior to any exercise. ensure adequate hydration before, during and after exercise. Food consumed bfore exercise should be Low GI carbs. Food consumed after exercise should consist of Good Protein ( Tuna, Salmon etc ) e.g. Tuna sandwich with salad as a post workout snack and a glass of Low Fat milk. The Protein component will aid in muscle repair. Any breadconsumed must be Whole Grain ONLY, No white or whole meal bread should be used.
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