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Leg and buttock exercising

Type: Fitness , 1 day program by: Louise Cass 4/26/2008
This programme can be beneficial if you specifically wish to exercise and shape your legs and buttocks. The programme is perfect for women but can just as well be used by men. Sets and repetitions in the programme are indicated to meet the demands of those who primarily wish to shape/slim their legs and buttocks; by contrast, if you wish to add to those areas, it is better to do fewer repetitions using heavier loads. Please notice that the free-weight exercises (squat, lunges and stiff-legged deadlift) require a good power of concentration as well as a fine technique. To get the best result of your exercising, it is recommended that you exercise with exactly so much weight that you can complete exactly the indicated/chosen number of repetitions and sets.
Day 1
Knee be...  More
Knee bend 2
Forward...  More
Forward lunge 3
Seated ...  More
Seated leg curl
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