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Type: Golf , 3 days program 10/3/2009
by: Admin
This golf strength training program is to be performed 3 times per week while (In-Season). Make sure to rest 1 minute and 30 seconds between each set. The program is to be performed with a day of rest inbetween each 'day'. Flexibility is a MAJOR part of golf and a strict stretching regeme shou...
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Print program Pre-Golf Warm Up Stretches and Exercises
Type: Golf , 1 day program 10/3/2009
by: Admin
The best way to keep your golf game on par all year round is free, easy, and any golfer can do it. The way is to keep your body flexible by having a solid pre-golf stretching routine. A golfer's body experiences lots of twists and turns during the golf swing, so a proper routine is a must to keep...
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Print program Golf In-Season Program
Type: Golf , 2 days program 9/16/2009
by: Admin
Golf program to maintain levels achieved during the off-season program. This workout program is done on the same days of each week with at lest 2 days between. Same exercises on each workout.
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