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Smart Weight Maintance

Type: Workout , 1 day program by: GRiesnik 10/11/2008
Use this program in conjuction with a balanced eating plan. The ideal is to train 3-4 times a week. Include cardiovascular exercise every session as a warm up and have atleast 1x day rest.
Day 1
Cross-c...  More
Bike  More
Treadmi...  More
Treadmill 1
The one...  More
The one hundred
Bench p...  More
Bench press 2
Seated ...  More
Seated leg curl
Floor C...  More
Floor Crosslift
Pelvis ...  More
Pelvis raise
Outside...  More
Outside hip 1
Glut st...  More
Glut stretch 1
Ab stretch  More
Ab stretch
Back st...  More
Back stretch 1
Triceps 1  More
Triceps 1
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