Exercise guidance


Exercise guidance

Exercise has a variety of positive influences on your health and contributes in many ways to strengthen your immune system. In addition to reducing the risk of getting the typical lifestyle diseases, exercise strengthens your bones, muscles and sinews and reduces the risk of stress. A controlled and correct exercise of your body's muscles enhances its endurance and strength while stabilising joints and sinews. As a result, your body will be better able to cope with the tasks and physical efforts of your everyday life.

Exercise and training also makes it easier to control your weight and improves your posture. It all helps you to look healthier, stronger and more attractive.

With Seek4fitness.net's exercise programme, you are now able to build your own unique exercise programme on the basis of your own specific training needs and goals. You choose yourself which exercises to add to your programme and how to do it, and the number of exercises, sets, repetitions and loads can be adjusted any time.

Sets and repetitions:

How many sets and repetitions you should do depends on your individual level and exercise purpose. As a rule, beginners are advised to be careful when starting up and to do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of each exercise. Weights are very individual but as a rule-of-thumb, you should apply exactly the weight you can endure for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. After then, if your muscle does not feel tired in any way, it is a good idea to increase the weight.

As your state of fitness and physique improve, it becomes necessary to change the number of sets and repetitions and to increase weights to challenge and improve your physique. On this page under "standard programmes", you can find inspiration for combining weights and repetitions, or your can seek advice in the article section of Seek4fitness.net. You can also read and ask questions in our forum where it is often possible to find help and inspiration in previous discussions and debates between other users.

Combination of exercises:

There are almost as many ways of combining exercises and training programmes as there are exercises! Again, combinations depend on individual exercise purposes, levels and time etc. As a rule, it is advisable to ensure that all muscle groups are about equally trained to achieve balance and body symmetry and to avoid injuries. It is also an individual thing whether you want to build a programme focusing on different muscle groups, suitable for exercising 4 times a week, or whether you "only" have time for exercising once a week. Also, you can choose to train your body muscles once a week or to do it more than once a week (which of course requires that you have the necessary time at your disposal).

Warming up:

It is advisable to warm up before any kind of exercise. The purpose is to prepare your body for the physical effort that follows so that the risk of acute muscle and joint injuries is reduced. When warm, your body is able to produce more energy, and muscle coordination is improved. In addition, your body's capacity is significantly increased when it has been warmed up, and the exercise is more efficient and powerful.

Before muscle training/workout of a specific muscle group, it is a good idea to always start making a single set of warming-up, low-weight exercises with many repetitions. When doing heavy workouts, it is also important to increase your pulse rate and consequently your body temperature before the actual workout; that is best done in the form of cardiovascular training such as cycling, running or rowing etc.

But if your purpose is to perform at maximum when running, it is advisable to start by running easily for a while and then increase your speed. Likewise, when finishing cardoivascular training, it is also advisable to ”warm down ” by gradually decreasing your speed before finishing the activity. Warming down helps you avoid getting unwell after exercising and assists your blood in returning to your heart from the previously hard-working muscle.

When doing muscle exercise/workout:

Always work with controlled movements and avoid forcing the pace. Movements should be as large as possible to optimise exercise outcome. It is not a question of working as fast as possible. On the contrary, your muscles well develop better if working at a slower pace. Take a short break between each set and perform the exercise as correctly as possible to avoid injuries and to optimise your exercise results. Train as hard as possible without going easy on technique and correct performance.

We recommend that you pay attention to your own physical limits and respect them to avoid injuries. Always get exhaustive information about the use and adjustment of the specific training equipment if you go to a fitness centre. The staff here is generally happy to assist you with adjustments and instructions regarding correct use etc.


Stretching after training is advisable to keep your muscles flexible so that the joints in your body do not stiffen, limiting your movements.


It is very important that you allow your body to recover and pause between work outs so you should not train the same group of muscles for several successive days. Pausing is necessary for your muscles to repair, get stronger and grow. By contrast, if your body is not allowed to rest, you risk getting overtrained. The effect of overtraining is a body that does not have time to repair, you get injuries and it may be necessary to completely stop exercising for a period of time.

Seek4fitness.net exercise programme:

Please note that the names of the different exercises may differ a little from those you are used to. There are numerous variants of workout exercises, weights, machines and equipment etc. so it is unavoidable that different names for the same exercise are used by different people. Likewise, there is often more than one way of describing which muscles are put to work during specific exercises.

The Seek4fitness.net exercise system does in no way constitute a definitive answer to matters of workout and programming, it is merely a thoroughly prepared set of proposals for workout exercises. The Seek4fitness.net exercise system has been prepared by training specialists who have many years of experience and training within and take an interest in the fitness and health business. Our group of specialists comprises therapists, personal coaches and fitness instructors. The exercise system will be enhanced, developed and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

It is recommended that you are healthy and feel well before starting exercising. If in doubt, please contact your doctor or other trained staff to get their opinion and possibly their specific guidance on training and exercise.

All use of the Seek4fitness.net exercise system is at your own risk. Reference is made to Terms of use.

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