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Torsdag 13-02-2020 05:45 Klik for at linke direkte til dette indlæg og kopiér derefter linket i adresselinien: New Balance Shoes

New balance shoes

We know that the New Balance Men/Women will be sticking around until next year at the very least. New Balance acolytes are no doubt hoping that the sneakers stay around as long as possible – their presence in original form is a treat that’s been universally celebrated ever since that grey pair showed up. The shoes are seen here getting more and more colorful, with the above sporting a sky blue shade and the below going back to the navy.

The New Balance Shoes Made in US “Authors Collection” apparently does contain some more specific callouts to certain works than was initially unveiled. This New Balance 997 for example has a The Catcher in the Rye theme, as revealed by the insole that features a color scheme and font rather similar to that found on the first edition, E. Michael Mitchell cover of that classic JD Salinger book. We can only hope that as the other pairs from the set start to roll into retailers, these sort of covert details will be better revealed.

There aren’t too many New Balance inline colorways that disappear immediately – usually you can play the waiting game and pick up pairs with ease. Buy New Balance Online Such hasn’t been the case though with the New Balance 997, as the Made in USA model’s return in that all-important tonal grey look flew off sneaker shelves pretty quickly. Following it up is this navy and grey pair of the OG suede and mesh beauty.

New Balance on Sale Inspired from the historical context of a traditional tannery – or for all the non cobblers here, the place where leather is processed to be made into shoes and other fine stuff – the upper comes constructed in supple lengths of rich brown leather. Accenting arrives in dashes of iconic NB grey, and a Boston typeface embedded on the midsole, created via a new fandangled graphics application process – signs of promising things to come.

Equally as threatening as they are alluring, New Balance 574 has reached out to the watery depths of the tropics to create the NB574 ‘Tropical Fish’ pack. Calling on Lionfish, Scorpionfish and Dragonfish for inspiration, each sneak respectively receives a scalyand shimmering coat, much like the fish, creating a visual spectacle of light and colour.

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